Multi-function terminal actuat

Multi-function end effector (MFEE)

The multi-function end effector is our solution for automated drilling, countersinking, sealant application and the setting of rivets in aircraft construction. It takes on important assembly steps and performs them independently and with extreme precision.


Multi-function end effector: multi-talented assembly specialist

The multi-function end effector can be used as part of stationary cells, with cooperating riveting robots and on KUKA mobile robotic platforms. Thanks to its integrated modules, it easily and independently carries out important assembly tasks on aircraft components, such as wings, doors and fuselage.

Advantages of the KUKA multi-function end effector

Versatile and flexible

Our multi-function end effector is fitted with a configurable barrel. With its six positions and different modules, it is equipped for a wide range of different tasks.

Fast and reliable

With the KUKA multi-function end effector, you can depend on high-quality assembly. It masters even difficult assembly tasks effortlessly.

Fully automated

With the KUKA multi-function end effector, you can automate your drilling and riveting operations in next to no time. It selects and switches between the appropriate functions automatically.

Components of the multi-function end effector

The KUKA multi-function end effector is fitted with a reconfigurable barrel with six positions for drilling and riveting. The barrel contains the following modules: spindle, vision, sealant application, rivet setting, quality and hammer modulesWe also have suitable end effectors for milling, measuring and many other tasks.