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KUKA Medical Robotics: Partners and references

Medical robotics is a demanding interdisciplinary field.  With the cooperation of strong partners and integrators, KUKA is creating the operating room of the future.

Siemens Healthcare: Medical robots for revolutionary X-ray imagery

The ARTIS pheno from Siemens has brought a new robot-supported angiography system on to the market, replacing its successful predecessor, the Artis zeego. The robotic heart of the X-ray system is a KR QUANTEC with its KR C4 technology, which in recent years has been optimally adapted and expanded for clinical use by the KUKA Medical Robotics team.

The Siemens ARTIS pheno enables quick and precise X-ray investigations of blood vessels using a C-shaped X-ray arm which automatically moves across the patient. The region of the body on which the system is focusing can be imaged from virtually all directions without having to relocate the patient. If an examination has to be interrupted, a memory function within the system allows the position to be recreated exactly at a later point in time. This means results can be checked even during an ongoing intervention.

In the future, the ARTIS pheno will be used in operating rooms throughout the world for minimally invasive surgery, interventional radiology and cardiology.